Sfera Productions works in the audio-video sector and entertainment

Interactive Cinema

The user once immersed in virtual reality will make choices that will change the plot, totally unaware


4D experiences, interactive and contemplative virtual tours

Culture & Tourism

Immersive virtual tours and interactive virtual tours to innovate the historical, cultural and natural heritage

Healthcare & Wellness

Immersive therapeutic audiovisual experiences aimed at improving physical and psychological well-being (cybertherapy)

Educational & Business

Audiovisual experiences with educational, training. Immersive and interactive audiovisual solutions to streamline some critical gears of business processes

Marketing & Communication

Interactive and contemplative immersive experiences to enhance the information, exhibition and promotion of products and content


The latest generation of videogames in VR using the latest gaming technology


Three-dimensional reconstructions of the highest quality, static and interactive.


The companies we collaborate with or for which we created innovative products and solutions.


Presentation of the latest productions

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Latest Events

Lucca Comics & Games – English

Sfera Productions presented at Lucca Comics & Games – International Comic Festival, Of Animation, Illustration and Games (Lucca, 28 October – 1 November 2016) […]

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